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Compartis ISUS

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In the past few years we have been witnessing highly dynamic developments in oral implantology. Increasing interdisciplinary collaborative efforts by surgeons and prosthodontists will strengthen this trend over the next few years. Patient acceptance of oral implants is on the rise, a development driven mainly by a promise of improved quality of life.

Dental technology, too, has felt the reverberations of this trend: With the advent of CAD/CAM systems and solutions in the dental laboratory, implant-supported restorations have increasingly become a focal product segment. Bar-supported structures and bridge frameworks can now be fabricated more economically, more quickly and more accurately.

Compartis® ISUS lets you concentrate on preparing the cast and on the prosthetic reconstruction properly, making the time requirements for these restorations, and the cost, more predictable. This will greatly assist you in scheduling your work.

The ISUS production process also offers you great flexibility when it comes to superstructure design. You decide whether the superstructure is connected directly to the implant (without abutments) or at abutment level.

So do not wait to look into the benefits of the innovative Compartis® network production process by DeguDent for your CoCr or titanium superstructures!

Compartis® ISUS indication

  • Made of a cobalt-chromium alloy or titanium
  • Bar attachment system
  • Resilient bar
  • Bar attachment systems with distal extensions
  • For direct screw retention on implants
  • For connection to abutments
  • Made of a cobalt-chromium alloy or titanium
  • Can be veneered in ceramics or composite resin
  • For direct screw retention on implants
  • For connection to abutments
  • Compartis® ISUS bar designs and bridge frameworks are suitable for 2 to 10 implants per jaw
  • Vertical inter-implant distance: min. 2 mm
  • Inter-arch distance: min. 7 mm
  • Compartis ISUS bar-supported structures

    Implant-supported overdentures are a clinically proven treatment modality in implant prosthodontics. Implant-supported fixed-removable superstructures offer much better denture retention. A firm seat and improved masticatory function improve the patient’s quality of life. Bar-supported structures (whether bar joints or individually milled bar attachments) have been particularly successful. Structures of this type have been primarily made from precious-metal alloys thanks to their ease of processing and proven biocompatibility.

    Innovative CAD/CAM dimensions now enable us to produce screw retained implant-supported frameworks from CoCr alloys or titanium.

    A computer-controlled milling process avoids the all-too-familiar technical problems that all too often arise from casting CoCr alloys or titanium. The milled superstructure has excellent material properties. The stresses or distortions inside the material such as those that can develop during the casting process simply do not occur with CAD/CAM. And there will not be any solder or laser-welded connections to the abutments supporting the bar, safely eliminating corrosion and fracture hazards. CAD/CAM-produced bar attachments allow active retention elements to be directly integrated into the design.

    Compartis® ISUS bar-supported structures – at a glance

    Compartis ISUS bridge frameworks

    The ISUS production technology also facilitates the fabrication of centrally screwretained bridge frameworks supported by 2 to 10 maxillary or mandibular implants. Like the abutments, the bridge frameworks are produced without any internal stresses. The CoCr or titanium frameworks can be veneered in ceramics or in composite resin – your choice.

    Compartis® ISUS bridge frameworks – at a glance

    The production process, step-by-step

    Dental office

    An impression is taken as usual.


    The necessary models are fabricated complete with a wax-up/mock-up.

    Dental office

    The impression is checked with the transfer index.


    The prepared model with implant analogues and the wax up/mock up and gingival mask is picked up by us, along with your design specifications on our order form.

    Compartis® ISUS planning centre

    Your design is realized using a highly performance software at our Compartis® ISUS planning centre – exactly to your specifications.


    The laboratory receives a virtual 3-D representation of the design by e-mail for inspection and approval. At this point of the process it is still possible to request changes from the Compartis® ISUS planning centre – the changes will be implemented and the design data once again returned by email for inspection and approval.

    Compartis® ISUS production centre

    The approved virtual design is forwarded to the Compartis® ISUS production centre where the actual framework is fabricated.


    The individual bar-supported denture or bridge is finalized.

    Dental office

    A custom Compartis® ISUS restoration is delivered to a satisfied patient.

    Benifits of Compartis implant-superstructures

  • Compatible with many implant systems
  • Suitable for any number of supporting implants
  • May be combined with attachments
  • Can be veneered with dental ceramics (such as Duceram® Kiss or Duceratin® Kiss)
  • Can be veneered with composite resin (such as in:joy)
  • Economical: No framework design steps
  • Economical: No try-on on the master cast
  • Economical: No abutments
  • conomical: No solder and no additions
  • Biocompatible materials
  • New materials used exclusively
  • Highly precise production process
  • Passive fit